Question: How do I place my order?

1. Choose one piece item and click on the "Paypal" button.
2. Confirm your shipping address on the PayPal payment page.
3. Choose your payment method and click 'Continue'.
4. Verify information.
5. Once your order has successfully been placed, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number and the details of your order.

Question: When will my order be processed?

Answer: We have warehouses all over the world, so all orders are handled and shipped according to the customer's address nearby. Orders will be processed within 1-2 business days to process your order (while some items may need 3-5 business days).

Question: How easy is the Rextender setup?

Answer: It takes less than 1 minute to get Rextender Wifi Repeater up and running. Plug in your wall, Search for the 'Wifi Repeater' signal, Then click on 'Connect' and enjoy high-speed internet.

Question: Can I install multiple Rextender Wifi Boosters for an even stronger signal?

Answer: Yes! With additional Rextender Boosters, you can extend your wireless internet signal even further and create a stronger connection for all your devices, and cover more dead spots with a stable connection.
The more Rextender you'll take, the better coverage you'll get, with a lower price per unit, and of course - free shipping!
Just for you to know: 3 Rextender Wifi Boosters, is the most popular pack! Don't say I wish I'd bought more!

Question: Is Rextender compatible with my older devices?

Answer: Rextender works with any device! This means that even if you have an old computer, laptop, phone, or TV - it works perfectly! Any model, any generation, if it uses a wi-fi signal, it can connect to Rextender. 

Question: Is there a limit to how many devices can connect to Rextender?

Answer: No! You and your family can connect as many devices as you want and with the improved wi-fi signal, you'll all experience faster downloads and streaming.

Question: Does Rextender work outside?

Answer: Yes! Wherever you have a wall socket and Wifi, Rextender will extend your internet signal to cover all of your dead spots! Like the yard, balcony, basement, or even the garage.

Question: Can I move the Rextender after it's installed?

Answer: Yes! Unlike your router, Rextender doesn't need to be plugged into a phone jack so you can easily relocate it anytime, in your home, office, hotel, and anywhere.
We made it so compact and easy to fold, so you can travel with it and take it wherever you go!

Question: Can I use Rextender with my phone's hotspot?

Answer: Sure. Rextender can be used to extend your smartphone Hotspot Wifi range. This is a huge bonus if you use your Hotspot a lot!